Visit Rochester

Planning on visiting Rochester for the event? Read on for an introduction to Rochester Cyclocross and our hometown, Rochester NY!

Genesee Valley Park (Rochester Cyclocross COURSE VENUE):

Genesee Valley Park is a Fredrick Law Olmsted-designed park that is dominated by three intersecting waterways, Red Creek, the Genesee River and the New York State Barge Canal. At 800 acres, the park is an ideal access point to a major network of trails along the river and canal as well as the route 390 bike trail and the Genesee Valley Greenway. The park itself has a combination of beautiful old-growth trees, rolling hills and natural woodlands. There is also a large-spaced level area in the center of the park (where our finish & start are located along with pro-team parking and our double-sided wheel pit).

Rochester, New York:

As the Northwestern gateway to New York’s Finger lakes, Rochester is part of a splendid region ranked by Money Magazine as one of the 10 “best places to vacation,” and called a “serendipitous and surprising getaway” by USA Today. So, we’ll boast a little more-recently, Expansion Management Magazine ranked Rochester as number one among metropolitan areas having the best Quality of Life in the Nation. In addition, Places Rated Almanac ranked Rochester as the sixth best place to live in America in its just released 25th anniversary edition.

Once you arrive in Rochester, you’ll be delighted at your discoveries. Its people and places live up to their top rankings for friendliness, family fun and memorable getaways. Rochester is a mid-size city that maintains a small-town feeling, and it’s easy to get around by car or public transportation. (Note: all city buses have bike racks).

Famous sites blend with charming neighborhoods and historic canal towns to create a mosaic of attractions to visit. Our museums are first rate-displaying everything from the Berenstain Bears to Ansel Adams-and festivals of all kinds are plentiful. Explore Rochester at the High Falls, a 96-ft. urban waterfall, or via downtown self-guided tours. Cruise, bike or hike, on the original Erie Canal path while visiting great restaurants, shops and quaint villages along the way.

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