Full Moon Vista Productions is pleased to bring Rochester Cyclocross to the community for all to enjoy.  We expect photographers from the cycling and local media to be on site all weekend long. Please note, photographers are required to complete the form below and obtain proper credentials in order to photograph the event. Media credentials will only be granted to professional photographers who can provide verification of their associations with legitimate media outlets.

Photographers found to be on course taking photos without proper credentials will be asked to remove their photo equipment from the venue. The event is free for spectators to enjoy but photographers using our event for their own commercial endeavors without our permission are not allowed.

To obtain media credentials, complete the following form and submit it no later than Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Should your request be granted, industry photographers’ credentials can be picked up at the event in the Registration area.

NOTE: Rochester Cyclocross, its name, images and operations are the sole intellectual property of Full Moon Vista Productions, Inc. and cannot be used without our express prior written permission.

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