2008 & 2009: The Ellison Park Cyclocross Race first started in 2008 as an amateur event and was the inaugural cyclocross event in a Monroe County Park. The race was a 1-day on a Sunday in September and had a total of 65 riders in 2008 . The event expanded rapidly in its second year and almost doubled racer registration for 2009. The race remained a 1-day and event management submitted a bid to USA Cycling and the UCI (Union Cycliste International, the governing body of world professional cycling) for a potential international race in 2010.

2010 & 2011: In 2010 the event was awarded a 1-day international UCI race and evolved into a 2-day event with amateurs competing on Saturday and professionals on Sunday.

2012 & 2013: 2-day UCI for 2012 & 13! After continually refining and developing the event towards a 2-day international UCI event, we were granted a full weekend allowing us to transform the event and accommodate amateur racing AND professionals both Saturday and Sunday!

2014 & 2015: 2-days of racing and elevated to UCI Class 1 status for Saturday and UCI C2 for Sunday. Also moved to the date of early September.

2016: Moved to our new location of Genesee Valley Park and continued as UCI C1 & UCI C2. Great layout, course, attendance, registration and racer feedback! Fantastic racing all weekend and summer-type weather was challenging to the athletes!

2017 & 2018: Once again a C1 on Saturday and C2 on Sunday – the racing was fantastic both years! Some new course changes made things more interesting and challenging!

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