Course Maps & Profiles


2018 ROCHESTER CYCLOCROSS – Course Profile

2018 Course Description: The new 3.2 km course is grassy, diverse, has punchy small climbs and descents and has some unique woods sections as well. Each lap of the course contains approximately 139 feet of vertical climbing per lap.  The race course includes 1 man-made barrier/planks set, one natural barrier obliging riders to dismount their bikes, multiple run-ups, a rolling platform on a descent to either ride over or jump from and a Belgian staircase. The double-sided pit is located at mid-point on the course and is clearly labeled.

Overall, the course contains a variety of terrains including grass covered slopes, a section of paved path that is 3 meters wide, as well as dirt sections.  The course winds through a section of old growth evergreens and uses numerous natural features as technical challenges.

The course is designed in a “U” formation to accomplish simple access to Registration/EVENT HQ and easy spectator flow while having as few crosswalks as possible.

The Start section is separate from the race course and is only used for the start of each race. The start is located by the finish line.

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